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Film studies in Prague

Would you like to study abroad and later on even try to work in the film industry? So, Prague Film Institute is exactly what you are looking for. International film school. In case you have not profiled yourself yet and you are still hesitant about what exactly would you like to do, the ideal field for you to study is Film making. You will learn everything. How to write a subject matter, how to sound a movie, how to handle the camera, editing, direction and production. Not only will you learn a lot, you will also try everything by yourself. We put great emphasis on the practical exercises and so you will spend the majority of your studies in fully–equipped studios.

This international school and its studios are situated in Prague. You could not even ask for more beautiful city. Mysterious streets and plenty of historical buildings literally encourage to shoot there. In combination with excellent teachers who are not only able to teach but they also have been through a number of award-winning works. They will explain everything in detail to you and then you will try it on your own as well.


Summer film courses

You can choose from one to four semester study or summer film courses in which you will briefly learn the most important stuff. Especially in case you have not decided yet if you want to fully dedicate yourself to the film, summer courses might be helpful while looking for the right direction.

Apart from a general study of Film making, you can currently also study postproduction and gamedesign at this film school. Choose the BTEC certified course so that it can be included in your current studies. In order to study whichever program at Prague Film Institute, your English must be at least at advanced B2 level. You can find all the information about current or upcoming programs and about the entire study at www.praguefilminstitute.cz.

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